What’s not included in the price of the historical motorcycle tour in Turkey and ought to be borne in mind


2024-05-19T13:46:56+02:00What’s not included in the price of the historical motorcycle tour in Turkey and ought to be borne in mindMoto Piligrims AdventoursMoto Piligrims Adventours

Unlike our motorcycle tour to the kingdom of Mustang where more than two weeks off-road raid awaits our travelers on the deserted Himalayan, the list of personal effects in enduro moto tour along the Lycian trail is much more modest. In this journey, we are not going to be accompanied by a jeep escort, we do not need a spare motorcycle and a mechanic; neither warm clothes nor the whole list of more than 30 items like in the Kingdom of Mustang moto tour. In this case, such basic things as a driver’s license category “A”, moto protection and a change of clothes, of course, we will need.

So, we are traveling light. It is possible because of the Mediterranean climate and the hospitality of small resorts where we are going to stop along the way, and due to the highest rental service provided by our Turkish partners. A network of service engineers has been created throughout Turkey, every of whom is ready to help in case of tech problems with motorcycles. The guide always equipped with a puncture-resistant sealant and chain lubricants, and each glove box includes a basic set of tools for repair on the road. The motorcycles are additionally equipped with protective arcs against fall damage of the cooling system heatsink. You should be prepared that motorcycle falls are inevitable. Therefore, everyone must protect the body, head, and limbs. We provide helmets and waterproof trunk for personal belongings.

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The minimum body protection set vital for our journey also includes enduro boots and knee guards, gloves and a jacket, as well as an overalls-styled rain cover. And if the last two things are the most reasonable to buy in any second-hand shop for $10-20 (as well as new knee pads that last time was seen in Antalya for $25), then you should search in advance among your friends for enduro boots , for the sake of one trip it will be an economically unjustified acquisition.

We insure your life and health, but if you have the opportunity to put on an armored vest and shorts, it may increase the chances of returning home unharmed. Yes, and do not forget that the kneecaps are put on under the pants, so the pants should be quite spacious in the knees area and made of strong fabric.

Every day upon check-in at the guest house, dressing up in comfortable lightweight clothing after a day on the road brings great relief, so you should take a couple of T-shirts, sports pants and shorts, sneakers or sandals, and a windbreaker. Waterproof socks most likely will not be useful, but the comfort they may bring in case of getting moto boots wet really worth it. Buff and swimming trunks, as self-evident in any trip. Despite the fact that in every guest house there will be a bed set, when traveling I always take a light beach towel.

An important element of your equipment will be a backpack with a hip belt and a chest strap, the recommended volume is about 12-18 liters. The hydration system may significantly reduce the time and the stopovers number.

Every motorcycle Honda CRF250L will be equipped with 5-volt USB-power chargers, however, it is recommended to bring along a power bank and of course not to forget the chargers, action camera, and a spare memory card. I consider it inappropriate to carry the SLR camera if only photography art is not your trip purpose and other participants agreed with this fact.

In any journey will not be superfluous a spoon and a folding knife, headlamp and sunglasses. Among the little things, you may need sunscreen, personal medications, and hygiene items. The guide will be equipped with a basic medical kit. Let’s go over the list one more:

  1. a driving license category “A”;
  2. a bicycle backpack (12-18 liters);
  3. a moto boots (motocross or hard enduro);
  4. knee guards;
  5. moto-gloves;
  6. a moto-jacket, rain cover, and waterproof socks;
  7. a light clothes, sneakers or sandals, buff;
  8. a beach towel and swimming shorts;
  9. a spoon and a knife, a headlamp and a sunglasses;
  10. personal hygiene items and individual medicines;

And last but not least, a damage deposit in the amount of $700  everyone must make when drawing up rental documents. This deposit will be refunded provided subject to the absence of damage due to improper driving or damage from falls and strikes on stones. You will not be charged for scratches on protective arcs, but broken headlights or mirrors, as well as dents from falling and hitting the stones, should be compensated. Therefore, I strongly recommend taking a few driving lessons in motocross school or from hard enduro trainers in advance. In the absence of off-road riding experience, MTB skills will come in handy.

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